About Us

Q-LED is based out of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Since 2010, Q-LED has been dedicated to revolutionizing the LED lighting industry by offering eco-friendly and energy cost saving lighting solutions. We design and manufacture LED fixtures and are specialists in long-life LED lighting solutions. Our experienced and professional team works with companies, architects, engineers and lighting technicians to design, develop & manufacture LED Lighting solutions. The Company focuses on innovative products that are thoughtfully designed to meet specific and customized applications.

Our R&D team understands that efficiency, control, functionality and local intelligence are key to developing the lowest lifecycle cost, solid-state lighting solutions available today.Our flexibility in production and service provides an industry-leading mix of LED lighting design and engineering knowledge. Our approach to LED lighting has always been to develop adaptable and innovative fixtures that specifically address the needs of our customers.This involves understanding our customer’s requirements in depth, applying our design expertise and the use of the latest components in the marketplace to deliver a customized and economical solution.

Q-LED philosophy unites innovation, design and environmental responsibility within each product in its LED range. With the promise of excellent performance, simple installation and low maintenance for the installer, Q-LED is leading the way in providing workable low energy solutions.

Our Vision

At Q-LED we believe in continuous improvement, constant innovation, honesty, customer service and protecting the environment. In 2013 and beyond, Q-LED plans to transform the Indian lighting industry even further by adding a whole package of new features and designs to its already complete product range. Operating from Aurangabad, a leading industrial town in the western part of India, we aim towards building a true international lighting brand and to offer a comprehensive worldwide service.