Energy Savings: LED lights emit 90% less heat than a conventional bulb therefore producing more light than heat and gaining maximum energy efficiency. By changing Sodium Vapour, Mercury and Metal Halide lamps to LED Lights, one can save power cost upto 70%

State-Of-The-Art Technology: An LED light is the bi-product of electricity jumping between two different alloys. This produces a small amount of light and depending upon the alloys, the color is dictated. LED light is truly a solid state light as there are no gases, no filaments and no moving parts to fatigue.

Environment Friendly: LED Lights are made from Non-Toxic materials and can be recycled. Add to that their long lifetime: an incandescent bulb has a life of about 1000 hours, a halogen about 2000 hours and an LED can last upto 50,000 hours.

Maintenance Free: LED's are able to withstand extreme temperatures, magnetic environments and there are no moving parts. Resultantly, they are very easy on maintenance.

Performance comparison of LED & other Lighting Solutions

Light Source Mercury Sodium CFL LED
60-90 50-65 50-70 90-100
40-60 25-35 30-50 70-90
Color Temperature(K) 3000-4500 1800-2500 3400-6500 5000-6500
Rated life (Hrs) 6000 10000 4000 >50000
Degradation of light
output (every 6 month)
25% 25% 35% 3%
UV &
UV &
UV &
No UV &
Mercury free